The Sea Rescue Sled

Designed to help rescue any MOB

The Sea Rescue Sled is designed to assist in the successful rescue of any MOB, regardless of size, weight and energy level.

The absence of a rear transom (barrier) on the sled enables a fatigued MOB (or pet) to simply slide onto it, with no need to expend further precious energy. The MOB can then be winched on board using the halyard.

If the MOB is able-bodied, the crew can pull the sled to the lee side of the vessel and then winch it up vertically, enabling the MOB to use its in-built ladder to climb back on board.

Man Overboard rescue Get MOB back on yatch

What’s included

The Sea Rescue Sled package includes:

  • One sled
  • One throw bag containing 30 metres of floatable rope (the painter)
  • One 1.5m strop line with clips at each end
  • Valise bag measuring 550mm wide x 650mm high x 200mm deep

Price $1350 NZD

The Sea Rescue Sled is manufactured in China to the highest possible standards. We are in the process of acquiring ISO quality certification.

A patent is pending on the design.

Watch a "man overboard" (MOB) rescue using the Sea Rescue Sled

Deploying the Sea Rescue Sled is a simple procedure.

Watch how easy it is to rescue and retrieve a person overboard.