Man Overboard (MOB) Rescue Solution

The Sea Rescue Sled - helping save lives at sea

About the Sea Rescue Sled

Lifting a person from the water is one of the most challenging aspects of sea rescue, particularly if the yacht is short-handed or the person overboard is fatigued. These cases often end tragically.

The Sea Rescue Sled is designed to recover a man overboard (MOB) quickly and efficiently in two ways:

  1. It supports an injured or fatigued person securely so they can be lifted on board horizontally using either a winch or a “handy billy” 4:1 block and tackle system from the main halyard.
  2. It can be lifted vertically so that an able-bodied MOB can use its in-built ladder to climb back on board.

The sled is easy to deploy and using a winch mitigates any weight difference between the MOB and the crew-member carrying out the rescue.

Are you equipped for a "man overboard" (MOB) situation?

It can happen anywhere and at any time
— in sheltered water or the open ocean.

This solution can help save lives.

Sale price $500 NZD
Normal Rescue Sled price $1350 NZD

How it works

The Sea Rescue Sled is housed in a bag which ties onto the yacht’s rail. When removed from the bag, the sled can be inflated automatically or manually. It is attached to a 30-metre painter (floating line), which will stream out of the bag when the sled is thrown into the water.

Once the person overboard has boarded the sled, onboard crew pull the painter to bring the sled to the lee side of the vessel, secure the painter to the rail, winch up the sled and lower it onto the deck.

For more detailed information, see our man overboard rescue procedure.

Who it’s for

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a keen novice, safety at sea should always be your first priority. Boating accidents are unpredictable by their very nature, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to be prepared.

A Sea Rescue Sled could spell the difference between a life lost or a life saved. Along with life jackets and locator buoys, it should form part of every yacht’s safe sailing kit.

It's important to practise deploying your sled so that in an emergency, when every minute counts, you can effect a successful rescue as quickly as possible.

Watch a "man overboard" (MOB) rescue using the Sea Rescue Sled

Deploying the Sea Rescue Sled is a simple procedure.

Watch how easy it is to rescue and retrieve a person overboard.

The Sea Rescue Sled story

Nelson sailor Lloyd Valentine has lost more than one friend in boating accidents. He conceived the idea for the Sea Rescue Sled when he learned a good mate had died after being swept overboard because—despite desperate efforts—the other crew member couldn’t lift him back onto the yacht.

The Sea Rescue Sled is the result of Lloyd’s determination to increase the odds of successful MOB retrievals. For that reason, he has worked hard to ensure the sled is affordable.

“It’s about saving lives at sea.” - Lloyd Valentine.

Book Lloyd for a talk or demo

Lloyd has made it his mission to educate boaties about safety at sea. He is available to speak with interested people and groups, and demonstrate how the Sea Rescue Sled can assist.